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The ABC's of MMNA

Some frequently used terms and abbreviations

EGA = Embroiders' Guild of America

TVR = Tennessee Valley Region, our EGA Region, one of 13 total in EGA

MMNA = Majestic Mountain Needle Arts, our chapter name

SAS = Share A Stitch, A regional event consisting of 3-4 days of various classes and fun with other EGA members from all over. Look for rescheduled SAS events in 2022.

Frog or Frogging = Not the cute green kind but the annoying task of 'unstitching' and removing/cutting out incorrect stitches from a project. Term comes from the idea that as we 'Rip It, Rip It' we sound like frogs peeping out a little 'ribbit' here and there.

WIP = Work In Progress, Some folks only work on one project at a time, some have 42 going at all times. No worries either way, but if your piece is less then finished, it's a #WIP

See also #WIPwednesday – a popular hashtag on social media to share your current project every Wednesday.

UFO = Unfinished Objects, Much like WIPs, these UFO's don't hang out in Area 51 but rather in our work baskets or bins, waiting to be finished, or not.

FFO = Finally Finished Object, Fully Finished Object or Finally Framed Object - what all our projects long to be.

ORT = Old Raggedy Threads, those little bits of floss that you snip off while stitching and they will inevitably stick to your clothes, couch, children and pets.

SAL = Stitch A Long, SAL projects are broken down into several parts where the pattern for each part is released on a set schedule and folks join in stitching each part simultaneously. EGA has a Stitch A Long FaceBook Group open to members and the public. It's a great way to try out EGA, learn or practice techniques and have fun!

SINS = Stuff I'll Never Stitch, enough said but we are probably all a bit guilty at times :)

Stash = your collection of needlework related things, such as patterns, floss, fabrics, etc.

LNS = Local Needlework Shop, a brick and mortar store for all your needlework needs.

ONS = Online Needlework Shop, for folks not fortunate to live near a LNS, an ONS may be the solution. See also, 'Road Trip to LNS'.

FlossTube = Genre of YouTube videos that focus on needle arts related content.

This is just a sampling of some of the terms you may run across, there are countless others.

If you have questions, just ask in the comment section, contact us or reach on our Facebook page! The only thing stitchers love more than stitching, is talking about stitching!

We welcome all questions! If you have a term you love to use, tell us about it!

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