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Stitch From Stash Challenge 2021

During our May 20, 2021 monthly meeting we will be sharing the results from our 2020 Stitch From Stash Challenge! In previous years MMNA has done a 'challenge' in the beginning of the year where members present 2 or 3 Works in Progress (WIPS) and the membership votes on which project the member should try to finish during the year. It's been great fun for everyone whether we ever finish the projects or not. 2020 was of course not typical so we changed it up a bit. While the word "Challenge" usually leads us to focus on difficult or large projects, we took a laid-back approach this year. This year's Challenge Project was all about clearing out your stash- be it one large or small project-or several little ones.

We look forward to seeing the 'Challenge' pieces that people finished this last year, or didn't. No worries either way! I've not finished a 'Challenge' piece on time in years and this year isn't looking great either. Use #MMNAStashChallenge2021 to search our MMNA Facebook page for the projects folks have shared updates about. Post pictures here in the comments or to our facebook page of your progress or wait and WOW us in May! I chose to try to finish my nesting dolls needlework accessories from Gera! Needlework Designs. Two down, one to go! See you in May!

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